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Are Your Christmas Lights Safe?

By December 17, 2019 Electrical Advice

4 Ways You Can Ensure Your Christmas Lights Are Safe

There is so much to consider in the hectic time leading up to Christmas: decorations, presents, food, family, friends… Here are some ways you can ensure electrical safety in the glorious madness of Christmas preparations:

  1. Make sure to buy lights that comply with Australian Safety Standards
    • Purchase from a reputable dealer who knows the safety requirements for Queensland
    • Look for an approval number (e.g. Q12345; V12345; N12345) or the regulatory compliance (right) mark logo on the packaging
    • Be wary of purchasing lights online and/or overseas, as they not comply with state standards
    • Have second-hand lights checked by a registered electrician
  1. Check indoor lights safety
    • Do not use indoor lights outdoors, they will not be appropriate for outdoor conditions
    • As a precaution, test safety switch and smoke detector before setting up
    • Keep lights and electrical appliances away from children
    • Turn lights off before heading to bed or leaving the house
    • Switch off and unplug lights before watering living Christmas trees
  1. Check outdoor lights safety
    • Check the IP rating to determine how waterproof your lights are (e.g. IP23, higher number=better waterproof rating)
    • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding transformers and power outlet locations
    • Avoid running electrical leads through doors or windows, driveways or walkways where they could get damaged
    • Consider LED, solar-powered or extra-low voltage lights
    • Ensure that high powered lights (e.g. flood lights and halogen lights) are positioned away anything that may catch fire, as these can become very hot
  1. Connecting lights safely
    • Use less high-powered lamps, as these may overload your electric circuits
    • Only use power boards with over-load protection
    • Avoid double adaptors/piggyback plugs
    • When using extension leads, use only factory-made or those made by a licensed electrical contractor
    • Ensure that the leads are undamaged
    • Always unwind leads to avoid overheating
    • Ensure all outdoor electrical points are weatherproof, this may require purchasing weatherproofing accessories

For further information on state safety standards, please visit WorkCover Queensland.

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