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Home Office Fit Out

When COVID-19 struck, many of us found ourselves working from home. With not much notice, our home office set ups were likely inefficient and uncomfortable, leading to a disruption in our work process. Of course, many people run businesses from their own homes year-round. So, if you find yourself working from home or want to be equipped should it ever happen again, it’s important to make sure the space that you are using as your home office is properly equipped. At North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical, we can assist with all the electrical needs for your home office, going beyond having the right computer, printer and desk. 

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What electrical needs are important for a home office?

We all work better and are more productive in a comfortable environment. Turn your home office into a beautiful and functional workspace with the help of our qualified electricians at North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical. 

Power points: Once you know how many appliances you will be running, it’s time to consider how many outlets you’ll need. Some home offices will be equipped with just a computer and an extra monitor while others may require power for a printer, a docking station and any audio appliances. While you can use extension leads and power boards, this is not recommended as a long-term solution and too many appliances in one power board can exceed the maximum amperage and overload it. If you find yourself short on places to plug in your appliances, it’s time to upgrade with North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical. 

Data Cabling: Your internet speed is an important factor whether you’re setting up a home office or not, however, poor connections during video meetings or when you’re rushing to get something in before the deadline can be a real hassle with slow download speeds. You’ll find that the further you are from your modem, the weaker your internet signal, so if your home office is at the other end of your house, you may need to invest in a network router or run an Ethernet cable. Our qualified electricians can install and wire Ethernet and data cabling properly for you, ensuring it meets current Queensland standards. 

Lighting: A home office will require brighter lighting than your bedroom might, so you might need to upgrade your lights or install more. This is the perfect time to upgrade all your lights to LEDs (light emitting diodes). These lights are much brighter and can reduce your energy usage, plus they give you the option to use a dimmer, Bluetooth controlled lights or even a smart home system for lighting. For more information on upgrading your lights, read more on our lighting service page or call our team today. 

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A home office is a considered a workplace under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 which means that it needs to meet WorkSafe Standards and all electrical components meet the Electrical Safety regulations. Our team at North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical are well versed in these codes and standards and will work with your to create a functional home office while ensuring it still meets all government protocols. For more information on home office fit outs, call us today on (07) 3053 3118.

Here's what some of our clients have said...

Kurt McCormick
Kurt McCormick
Had Russel and Anthony come out to work on installing 8 new ethernet ports, as well as some power points, and terminate it into a storage closet. Absolutely stoked how it turned out and I couldn't be happier. Will definitely engage with this company in the future for other jobs.
Becster Brisbane
Becster Brisbane
Had Anthony & Nick around today for a couple of minor repairs, and also to install 2 brand new ceiling fans (1st time, my own purchases) at home. So lovely, explained things to me, on time & all done in around 2 1/2 hours all at a reasonable cost.. I will definitely have these guys back again for any future repairs needed!
Daniel Booth
Daniel Booth
If you are looking for an Electrician for residential or commercial, North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical are the team you are looking for. Quick to respond, easy to deal with, competitive pricing and their team are courteous and professional. All my electrical work will be through these guys going forward.
Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson
Anthony from North lakes and Surrounds electrical went above and beyond would definitely recommend him he is a legend that does a proper job and gives an exceptional service could jot be more happier
We had a fair bit of work that needed to be completed from replacing all down lights to adding new plug points and ensuring smoke alarms were up to code. Communication was clear from quote to the moment they arrived on site. Isaac and his team were great, informative and thorough. Highly recommended.
David Mitchell
David Mitchell
What a delightful team. They turned up on time and nothing was too hard. Very professional. Can’t recommend them enough.
John Peel
John Peel
Rob and Stuart installed new fire alarms in each bedroom, Rob had fixed our pool light previously when it looked unfixable. Great service and great communication. 5 star John & Lynn Kangaroo St north lakes
Rob from North Lakes Electrical deserves some serious kudos! We have had so many jobs for him, and he has scheduled us in without any issues. We’d like to thank Rob for adding more down lights to our kitchen space, wiring up our pool LED disco lights, finding us some lights for the staircase that fitted our brief (and installing them), installing a fan in our 5th bedroom, hooking up the TV on our deck, sorting out the power for the outdoor fridge, installing appliances in our kitchen & I’m not even sure I’ve captured everything. Rob is reliable, timely, creative, honest & an extremely decent human being who will get your job done with precision in a timely manner. 100 stars for Rob from North Lakes Electrical!
Rob and North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical team

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