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Reasons to Install LED Lights in Your Home

By May 12, 2022 Electrical Advice

10 Reasons to Install LED Lights in Your Home

Although they’ve been around since the 60s, light emitting diodes (LEDs) didn’t gain popularity until the late 2000s. Since then, they kicked off with more and more homes, businesses, school and hospitals are opting for LED lighting. Due to this, we’ve seen the capabilities of LEDs increase across the board from lifespan to performance and energy efficiency. Additionally, due to the expanded use of LED technology, we’ve seen an introduction of government standards, industry best practices and warranties. However, when it comes down to the facts, you might wonder why exactly LEDs are now becoming the standard and how they’re any different from other options. 

#1. Increased lifespan

Perhaps the biggest selling point for LED lights is their unbelievable lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. This means that after installing LEDs in your home, you likely won’t have to replace the lights for at least 10 years, sometimes even 20. This is a massive improvement compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights which have a reduced lifespan of 750 hours and 8,000 hours respectively. 

#2. Cost-effective

Considering the above numbers, LEDs last at least 6x as long as other lighting options. They do cost a little bit more than your CFLs or incandescent globes, however, you would be replacing those bulbs more often than an LED which over time will end up costing you more. Additionally, they have a low running cost which means you can save on your electricity bills! 

#3. Produce less heat

One little mostly unknown fact about incandescent globes is that most of their energy is consumed producing heat, in fact, they’re more like heat globes that just happen to also make light. Halogen lights, which are still commonly used in homes as downlights, also produce a lot of heat and are quite a common cause for many house fires. LEDs have be shown to produce less heat with more efficient light. 

#4. Instant lighting

Remember the good old days when every light you had in the home or office flickered a few times when switched it on? Well, that is no more a problem when you switch to LEDs. Additionally, they turn on at their full brightness level and I’m sure many of us have experienced CFLs slow fade into full light. 

#5. Eco-friendly

By using less energy, LEDs produce less carbon emissions and with global warming becoming a major political point, lower emissions is likely to become a standardised issue within government. Their longer lifespan also means less waste as you are not going through as many bulbs as you would if you were using incandescent of CFL lights, which again, can only be a good thing when pollution is a problem across the globe. 

#6. Safer

As mentioned earlier, LEDs are less likely to cause house fires than their halogen counterparts; however, there are a few other things that make them safer too. LEDs are hard to break and even if they do, they don’t usually contain glass that could cut your hands. One of the biggest safety concerns with CFLs is the mercury vapour that can leak for weeks or even months and is harmful for anyone who inhales it. LED lights contain no harmful mercury vapour. 

#7. Resilient

The reason why you won’t be cutting your hands on an LED should it break is because they’re often made from plastic. While we don’t recommend it, you could drop your LED light and it’s unlikely to break. They are tough and resilient to scratches which had lent a hand to increase their lifespan. 

#8. Light quality 

Gone are the days of those weird yellow and orange hues that comes from your lights. With LED lights, you’ll be seeing everything in a crisp, white light. Where it might be more appropriate for a warmer tone, you’ve still got a wide range of the white light spectrum. 

#9. Options 

Besides the variety of warm, cool and white light options, you can also find a range of strip lights and globes, plus some funky vintage LEDs. There’s something to suit everyone’s aesthetic! You can also find dimmable lights to change the lighting level to suit your requirements – just be sure to check the packaging as not all LEDs are dimmable. 

#10. Smart Lighting

With the right equipment, such as a Google Home or Alexa, you can control your LED lights from the bed or the couch! With LED smart globes, all you need to control the lights in your home is a little app on your home and you can play with the lighting from wherever you are. This can be quite useful as part of your home security system. 

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There really are so many reasons why people opt for LED lighting for home and business use. A big part of the digital age; they’re the evolution of lighting. Their ability to offer a more sustainable way of using digital light is what makes them superior. So why not make the switch today and call our team at North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical on (07) 3053 3118 to provide you with the best brand LED lights and get them all installed for you?