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Childproofing Electrical Outlets

By February 7, 2022 Electrical Advice

How To: Childproofing Electrical Outlets

A new baby in the home is sure to bring lots of joy, but they can definitely get themselves into mischief when they start crawling and moving around – and believe us, as a family-owned business, we know there is more to preparing your home for a new bundle of joy than just decorating a nursery. If you have a little one of the way, we can help you babyproof and childproof your home for electrical hazards that will save you from any future accidents. 

Purchase outlet caps or covers

Young children can often be inquisitive little things that often lead them to places they’re not supposed to be. Unfortunately, approximately 2,400 children suffer from severe shock and burns caused by items being poked into the slots of electrical receptacles. Electrical outlet caps are the cheapest way to keep your child from the dangers of electrical shock and, if you’re open to making some modifications, you might even consider replacing your outlets entirely with tamper-resistant versions that have built-in plug covers.

Do not use extension cords

This is something our team at North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical recommends even to homes with no children present. They are an electrical hazard that is not supposed to be used as a permanent solution to a lack of outlets. However, when a child comes along, extension cords become an even higher hazard. Babies and toddlers are curious creatures that may pick up the cord that’s lying across the floor and think it’s a new toy to be rattled or pulled on, therefore knocking over appliances. Alternatively, they may like to have a nibble on the cord or even try to poke a metal object into the socket. Your best option is to have new electrical outlets installed. 

Install GFCIs

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (CFCIs) are an electrician (and a parents) best friend. They can measure how much electricity is flowing from an open source and shut down the electrical flow if it detects an electrical surge, or if water gets on the appliance. Paired with an electrical outlet cover, this is one of the safest ways to childproof your electrical outlets and avoid a hazard in your home.

Book a routine electrical maintenance check

As parents ourselves here at North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical, we know how busy a parent’s schedule can be but also how important it is to keep your child safe. As such, we offer a quick yet thorough routine electrical maintenance check designed to give parents peace of mind that their home is up to current electrical standards as set out by our government. We will check power points, light switches, behind furniture and fixtures, desks and so much more. Our detailed report will inform you whether you need to replace faulty appliances or install new outlets, plus we can provide on the spot advice if you have any questions for our team. 

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In our modern times, every household is dependent on electricity and heavily relies on the efficiency of the electrical goods within our home. When a baby joins the family, this becomes even more apparent as it becomes our duty to protect them from potential harm. Even a small amount of electricity is harmful to a small child. At North Lakes & Surrounds Electrical, we will help child-proof your home to keep your kids from the potential hazards of electrocution and electric shock. For more information on how we can help, give us a call today on (07) 3053 3118.